Know the Main Ingredients of VigRx Plus? Check Out These Five and Their Importance


VigRx Plus is a powerful male enhancement herbal supplement developed by Leading Health Edge. Ideally, this supplement has been clinically tested with results indicating improvement in the ability to sustain one, increase the amounts of orgasm and gain erection. Many of the ingredients used in VigRx Plus are for increasing blood flow and improving sexual arousal. Because it is an improved formula of the original VigRx, it has three new ingredients added to increase performance and deliver longer lasting results.

VigRx Plus Main Ingredients


Aside from being the first ingredient of VigRx Plus, BioPerine is the base of this male enhancement herbal supplement. This natural ingredient is first manufactured from Indian black pepper fruit and then designed into an extract referred to as piperine. It is patented and has been clinically tested in the U.S. When added to VigRx Plus, BioPerine increases the performance of all the properties as well as adds potency of the other herbs in the formula. Sabinsa, BioPerine manufacturers, claim that more than a few studies have concluded increases of selenium as well as water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamin B in the blood of healthy persons when taken with BioPerine.

Epimedium Leaf Extract and Gingko Leaf

Epimedium leaf extract is in oil form, and it is made from the goatherb or Epimedium pedium grandiflorum plant. For decades, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine because it promotes the production of androgen hormone and is good at treating male impotence. Michael Tierra, a naturopathic doctor, asserts that ginkgo leaf is full of antioxidant properties and offers energy. Furthermore, ginkgo leaf is noted to aid in blood flow, which in VigRx Plus would ensure healthy flow of blood to the penis.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry is rich in phytochemicals; naturally occurring chemicals that enhance health. Phyllis Balch, CNC and author of “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”, holds that hawthorn berry works on the circulatory system and helps improve blood pressure by dilating the coronary blood vessels, thereby, improving the potency and sexual performance of the male sex organs.

Damiana and Puncture Vine

Damiana has been used as an aphrodisiac for over ten years, and according to Michael Tierra, author of the book titled “The Way of Herbs”, its use is particularly for low libido. The leaves can be made into powder or smoked to promote libido. Ideally, according to Herbal Extract Plus, puncture vine increases strength and promotes testosterone production. It also reduces impotency and boosts sex drive.

Asian Red Ginseng

Asian red ginseng is a Panax ginseng variation, which is noted for its ability to improve blood pressure and circulation. Chinese medicine widely uses ginseng because they consider it the “king of all tonics” says Tierra. It is worth noting that ginseng should not be used where there is any inflammation or stress on the heart. If you have any inflammation or heart issues, it is necessary that you consult with your physician before taking VigRx Plus.


Apart from being made from all-natural ingredients, VigRx Plus has been clinically studied. Nevertheless, its results have neither been endorsed by FDA nor clinically or scientifically validated. Ensure you consult with your physician before you begin using VigRx Plus because there may be other health factors for erectile dysfunction or low libido.