How Men Can Last Longer In Bed

Many men have this idea that to make love with a woman is all about great orgasms, but reaching climax is only part of the fun. Both partners should enjoy every minute of lovemaking no matter whether they are in bed for the first time or in a long term relationship. It is a fact that women need longer time to orgasm than men. If you are a man then you know how devastating it may be when you orgasm shortly before or after penetration leaving your partner dissatisfied with the whole experience. A woman does not need to say anything. You will see it in her eyes, the pitty and disappointment which is something no man should ever experience in bed. When men are young the whole problem of premature ejaculation is a bit less dramatic as they can get an erection fast again, but as they age men find the problem with PE getting more serious. If not treated, premature ejaculation can ruin your marriage and relationship, leaving you depressed or make you completely avoid any contact with women for fear of failing to satisfy them sexually.

What You Can Do To Last Longer

A great percentage of men have learnt they must last in bed for hours if they are to be called men. This myth is the first thing you need to forget about as not many women dream of making love for two days straight. What you need is the feeling of happiness both for you and your girlfriend. How are you to achieve this when you only last for one minute?

>Control your breathing – when you are aroused your breathing is fast and shallow sending signals to your body to climax. If you try to slow the breathing this will relax your body and you will be able to focus on your partner while at the same time you will control your urge to ejaculate.

>Exercise – there are muscles in your body responsible for ejaculation. If you exercise them, your PC muscles in particular, you will learn to recognize what happens in your body when you are aroused, feel those muscle, relax them and stop before the point of no return.

>Change the technique – some positions make you ejaculate faster while others help you last longer in bed. When you feel like ejaculating quickly change the position with the woman on top as this is said to give men some time to relax. You have to try different positions in order to find the one that works for you.

>Foreplay – men tend to rush into sexual intercourse so they spend little time on foreplay then penetrate and ejaculate. To stop this bad habit, try to focus on your partner more, giving her the best foreplay she has ever had. The longer time you spend on foreplay the more aroused she will be and you can expect her to have an orgasm before you. To become a better lover and last longer in bed you need to know lovemaking is not a competition, it is a fine art.

Watch the following video for more tips on how to last longer in bed and be able to satisfy your partner:

Using Ejaculation Guru to Eliminate Premature Ejaculation for Good

You don’t have to feel hopeless when you experience premature ejaculation. It is something that could be treated with proper knowledge and technique. Today, the best premature ejaculation treatment is Ejaculation Guru. If you have not heard about this product yet, now is the right time to do your research. Though you have heard a lot of good stuff about the product, it is still best to do your own personal inquiry.

Knowing the Product Better

The Ejaculation Guru is actually an eBook which contains all the information you need when it comes to lasting longer in bed. So far, it had saved a lot of relationships for it’s a big problem when a man fails to satisfy his partner in bed. The techniques provided in the product could help men last for more than 20 minutes or more during sex. A lot of men could only last for about 3-5 minutes. This is worst for a man with ejaculation issues. If you are among the many who are looking for ways to do better in bed, this product is certainly the best option.

Make your Partner Orgasm

Since you are able to last longer in bed, it increases the chance that she would have her orgasm before you ejaculate. This is certainly what most men wanted to experience. With the different methods provided in the product, this could be achieved in time. All you need to do is to be diligent in following the exercises presented in the product. It also contains information on various methods that you could immediately apply the next time you have sex. This could effectively boost your confidence since you know that it’s possible to last longer.

Better Thrusting Strategy

The product introduces a better thrusting strategy that could help you prevent early ejaculation. The good thing about this strategy is you are still able to give her a pleasurable time without being stimulated that much to the point of ejaculating. The techniques are so effective that your girl will not realize that you are doing something that prevents you from ejaculating quickly.

Breathing Techniques

The product would also teach readers with breathing techniques. This helps lessen the excitement men feel during sexual intercourse. This is a big help to boost sexual stamina of men.

For you to know if the best premature ejaculation treatment is Ejaculation Guru, do a thorough research online. Before tying any product including Ejaculation Guru it is best to know more about it first.