Alex Petty is a Relationship Expert

There is a lot of advice for couples from Alex Petty relationships expert. This includes young couples heading down the aisle who require relationship advice to help them to find wedded bliss. Alex Petty is considered to be among the wisest relationship experts because of his unique marital wisdom. He believes that there are different qualities to sex at different stages in marriage. Here are some his recommended advice on sexual matters.

Alex Petty encourages couples to always be open about having sex- This expert believes that most couples view this advice as surprisingly odd. Couples find it difficult to have sex when they are not in good mood for it. Alex petty believes that no one should insist on having sex to his or her partner. According to him most couples often have this idea of when to make love, especially to married partners. These ideas henceforth shoot down the act of having sex down before it even gets started. According to Alex petty, couples need to stay connected and tune in each other during sex.

He also advises couples to spend more time apart – after thorough research and receiving advice from women who have been married for more than 60 years, Alex petty concludes that, happiest marriages comprise of couples who indulge in different passions, different pursuits and do something else beyond their relationship. This makes their sex drive become strong when they are together.

It’s also good for couples to accept that sex changes- the expert says that, sex differs according to quality in different stages in a relationship. Couples first experience a lot of passion to each other, then urgency to reproductive sex and later lower intimacy of midlife. This wise expert believes that, it is possible to maintain an enjoyable sex-life for many years with one partner. This may not be very often but both partners should relax and have fun of unique kind together.

Partners should accept the fact that, their other partner is fallible- according to him, expecting your partner to be perfect can be a disaster in a relationship. Everyone makes mistakes specially those people we are in love with, as relationships are hard sometimes to maintain. Alex petty insists that partners should practice forgiveness in all dimensions at the beginning of love affair as this will build strong foundation.

With such resourceful information, it is highly advisable for couples to seek relation advice and other sexual matters from Alex petty. It is the ultimate solution to a better stay in marriage.

Alex and His Women

To make a girl cum can at times be challenging. Sometimes a lot has to be done to get to this but at times very little need to be done. However the best way for to make a girl cum or have an orgasm can be best done by stimulating erotic body parts and following clear guidelines of the same. For some girls to cum it does not necessarily require actual penetration of penis into vagina. The following are however some of the procedures need to be observed.

Right conditions

Although girls vary, quite a number needs the following conditions if they are to come.

· Atmosphere must be romantic. This involves the general set up of where the girl is to be stimulated to come or get an orgasm. The environment must be clean and tidy with no foul smell. A little artificial scent can work magic as girls are known to like nice smelling cologne and perfume. This will no doubt excite her.

· The surrounding must also be comfortable and pleasant. Regardless of where the girl is to be stimulated, Alex can do well by making the environment comfortable. For instance, if the girl is to be stimulated on the beech then the sand must be soft enough to make her comfortable. Also a girl can easily come if stimulation is done in a secluded place.

· Make the girl to like you. Girls are different from boys. This is because they can come quite easily if stimulated by the person they like. For Alex he should buy presents, be humorous, take her out, be a good listener and do more to draw her closer. This in addition will make her feel appreciated and wanted. When the final time comes she will no doubt come.

· Use lubricants. If it is clitoris which is being stimulated, sores can result as result of excess stimulation. This can make a girl not to come. This irritation can be avoided by use of good natural lubricant.

Take time with the entire process

The girl also needs to be mentally prepared before stimulation and more clitoris. This process includes doing the following among other things.

· Being patient and avoiding being too demanding. Patience is vital to sexual intercourse. Things need not to be rushed as this will leave a girl far a way from getting orgasm. 
· Start by curdling and kissing her passionately in a romantic environment. Do not even be in a rush to touch her private parts. If this is done with care she might as well come even before sexual intercourse. Be gentle while doing this as the girl will guide you of what to do next.

· Should the next step involve actual intercourse be gentle and let the girl continue directing you. You will be shocked at how fast she will come.

Be an expert in clitoris stimulation

Many men believe that girls can only come through sexual stimulation of the clitoris. This may be true in some cases but not all. This is because sexual intercourse alone is not enough. Other suggested ways of clitoris stimulation besides sexual intercourse includes.

· Employ further stimulation of clitoris by finger or mouth.

· Talk to the girl and ask her what exactly turn her on. Alex you will be shocked at how far you were fro the reality. Do not try to force techniques that do not work.

· Seek the use of a sex toy. Vibrators can be handy and trendy in faster clitoris stimulation.
The above discussed processes are some of the most important steps on how to make a girl reach an orgasm and cum.