Know the Main Ingredients of VigRx Plus? Check Out These Five and Their Importance


VigRx Plus is a powerful male enhancement herbal supplement developed by Leading Health Edge. Ideally, this supplement has been clinically tested with results indicating improvement in the ability to sustain one, increase the amounts of orgasm and gain erection. Many of the ingredients used in VigRx Plus are for increasing blood flow and improving sexual arousal. Because it is an improved formula of the original VigRx, it has three new ingredients added to increase performance and deliver longer lasting results.

VigRx Plus Main Ingredients


Aside from being the first ingredient of VigRx Plus, BioPerine is the base of this male enhancement herbal supplement. This natural ingredient is first manufactured from Indian black pepper fruit and then designed into an extract referred to as piperine. It is patented and has been clinically tested in the U.S. When added to VigRx Plus, BioPerine increases the performance of all the properties as well as adds potency of the other herbs in the formula. Sabinsa, BioPerine manufacturers, claim that more than a few studies have concluded increases of selenium as well as water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamin B in the blood of healthy persons when taken with BioPerine.

Epimedium Leaf Extract and Gingko Leaf

Epimedium leaf extract is in oil form, and it is made from the goatherb or Epimedium pedium grandiflorum plant. For decades, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine because it promotes the production of androgen hormone and is good at treating male impotence. Michael Tierra, a naturopathic doctor, asserts that ginkgo leaf is full of antioxidant properties and offers energy. Furthermore, ginkgo leaf is noted to aid in blood flow, which in VigRx Plus would ensure healthy flow of blood to the penis.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry is rich in phytochemicals; naturally occurring chemicals that enhance health. Phyllis Balch, CNC and author of “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”, holds that hawthorn berry works on the circulatory system and helps improve blood pressure by dilating the coronary blood vessels, thereby, improving the potency and sexual performance of the male sex organs.

Damiana and Puncture Vine

Damiana has been used as an aphrodisiac for over ten years, and according to Michael Tierra, author of the book titled “The Way of Herbs”, its use is particularly for low libido. The leaves can be made into powder or smoked to promote libido. Ideally, according to Herbal Extract Plus, puncture vine increases strength and promotes testosterone production. It also reduces impotency and boosts sex drive.

Asian Red Ginseng

Asian red ginseng is a Panax ginseng variation, which is noted for its ability to improve blood pressure and circulation. Chinese medicine widely uses ginseng because they consider it the “king of all tonics” says Tierra. It is worth noting that ginseng should not be used where there is any inflammation or stress on the heart. If you have any inflammation or heart issues, it is necessary that you consult with your physician before taking VigRx Plus.


Apart from being made from all-natural ingredients, VigRx Plus has been clinically studied. Nevertheless, its results have neither been endorsed by FDA nor clinically or scientifically validated. Ensure you consult with your physician before you begin using VigRx Plus because there may be other health factors for erectile dysfunction or low libido.

How to Shoot a Bigger Cumshot

What could be greater than a feeling of endless sensations as spurt after spurt of semen pump out of your dick! Perhaps you think this is just a porn-star’s tale, but what you do not know is that most women these days love to see their men ejaculate loads and loads of sperms. Even though most of them don’t admit it, deep inside their minds they know it makes them feel better, that is why you will find men with frank women, seeking for ways to shoot a bigger cumshot. A bigger cumshot increases potency, virility and sexual attractiveness to ladies. Additionally, the more forceful and bigger an ejaculation a man experiences, the greater his pleasure.

So to increase, your ejaculation, it is important that you make some changes in your lifestyle. There are also some other techniques that you can use to accumulate or increase the volume of semen that you produce during sex as well as improve the pleasure experienced by both you and your partner during sex. Here are some effective techniques that can help:

Check What You Eat

Every day before breakfast take albumen of at least 3 organic eggs mixed with glass of milk. Try not to use low fat milk for this. You can season the mixture with some almond extract, little sugar or vanilla. And because dairy products purify seminal fluid, it is important that you add fruits into your diet. Taking citrus juices in this case will help counter the effect of the dairy. A good breakfast for better seminal fluid production would be a mixture of bananas, pears, melon and apples topped up with honey and butter with toasted soda bread. Try to avoid ready-made foods and meals that contain a lot of yeast. Also avoid alcohol, smoking, coffee and meals with excess salt or sugar.

Another important food that you should add to your diet is smoked oysters. They increase the volume of cum that you ejaculate because of the high amounts of zinc that they contain. Zinc works on your prostate glands which accounts for about 40% of your total semen.

Splash Cold Water

Another technique is to splash cold water around your testes every morning after you shower. This enhances blood supply around them and cools the scrotum which in turn increases sperm production.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most common ways of improving sperm count and volume is keeping yourself sufficiently hydrated by taking enough water every day. Coffee, tea, sports drinks and cokes do not count for hydrating. However, vegetable and fruit juices can be used.

Practice Edging

Have you ever stopped banging or stroking your dick, to keep yourself from ejaculating? Or may be thought about unsexy things so that you keep things going for longer with your partner? Perhaps you have, most men do this. There is nothing bad than getting all roused and excited and ejaculating as soon as you enter her.

Trying to halt yourself from erupting right when you are about to ejaculate is known as edging. Delaying an orgasm or edging is an amazing experience in control and dominance over your sex life. Moreover, working your PC muscles by edging multiple times every day, can enhance your overall stamina, increase your semen volume, helping you produce masses of cum that can squirt straight to the ceiling!

Submarine Expedition for You, Baby! (Do You Know How to Eat Pussy?)

Eating pussy is one of the most amazing things you can do for your woman. It makes most women feel respected, desirable, appreciated and has a high a chance of giving her an orgasm that will wake the people in the next room, shatter glasses or even raise the dead!

Besides, most ladies expect an “eat” these days and guys who perform oral sex well are always in high demand. If you gain a good reputation as a professional eater or an expert in eating pussy, many attractive, classy women way out of your class or league may be tempted to overlook your other imperfections. So keep in mind many guys can bang really well for hours and do it satisfactorily, but that one guy who gives her a good head, he has got it made! So, do you know how to eat a girl’s pussy the right way and blow her mind? If you are not sure about the answer to that then read through this guide to understand what eating pussy is all about and how to do it well.

Tell Her She is Gorgeous and Mean It

Most ladies are very shy about their bodies. Even the most beautiful woman in the world is going to worry how you will like her honey jar and other body parts when she is naked. So talk to her and tell her she is beautiful, tell her how nice it smells, just tell her anything positive. This will get her to trust you more and let you down her legs easily. Additionally, there is nothing that makes a lady more special and unique than her vagina. They come in all sizes, different shapes and colors, some have luscious lips and some are tucked inwards like a small girl’s cunnie. Some are covered with transparent fuzz while some are nested in brushes of fur. Regardless of how it looks like, appreciate her unique qualities and tell her what really makes her special.

Going Down on Her

Never go down on a woman unless you are down. Unlike the felatio, eating pussy cannot be done as a favor. Eating her when you do not feel like will only bring down dry heavens. Moreover, never say “hi” to a dry cunt. A dry vagina is an unhappy vagina. If you graze a very dry bush, go to kissing and hugging for a while. Once you are sure it is wet, give it a few teasing, and light strokes with your index finger. There is nothing as bad as rushing to do this, so make sure the beaver is begging for it before getting under the covers.

The Grand Entrance

Once she is lathered up. It is time to move in. Start gently and slowly by fondling and kissing her as you move down to her honey jar. Once your head is there (between her legs) gently kiss her thighs. When you get to her pussy, give it a peck/soft kiss not a French kiss first. Do this several times as you kiss her inner thighs too. After that start licking around her cunt, but not go inside. Stick an erect tongue between her lips and softly, nudge them open. Still gently, insert your tongue inside her. Find her g-spot with your tongue as you caress and fondle her with your hands. By this time she will be moaning already. Pull the tongue out and start sucking her clitoris. Do not forget to rub her butt and breasts as you suck her. If she starts bucking, stop it by holding her butt cheeks. She will definitely have an orgasm if you do this well.

The Conclusion

Once she has an orgasm, she will want you out of her pussy pronto because the area is usually very sensitive. But instead of moving, you can stick your tongue out and lay it on her cunt like a soggy carpet. Just make sure you do not move it, as this might hurt her. Stay like that for about sixty seconds and then get out and wipe your entire face like a pirate. Now you can take a condom, and take her from the residence of Prince Saddat to the cabin of an F-15!

Alex Petty is a Relationship Expert

There is a lot of advice for couples from Alex Petty relationships expert. This includes young couples heading down the aisle who require relationship advice to help them to find wedded bliss. Alex Petty is considered to be among the wisest relationship experts because of his unique marital wisdom. He believes that there are different qualities to sex at different stages in marriage. Here are some his recommended advice on sexual matters.

Alex Petty encourages couples to always be open about having sex- This expert believes that most couples view this advice as surprisingly odd. Couples find it difficult to have sex when they are not in good mood for it. Alex petty believes that no one should insist on having sex to his or her partner. According to him most couples often have this idea of when to make love, especially to married partners. These ideas henceforth shoot down the act of having sex down before it even gets started. According to Alex petty, couples need to stay connected and tune in each other during sex.

He also advises couples to spend more time apart – after thorough research and receiving advice from women who have been married for more than 60 years, Alex petty concludes that, happiest marriages comprise of couples who indulge in different passions, different pursuits and do something else beyond their relationship. This makes their sex drive become strong when they are together.

It’s also good for couples to accept that sex changes- the expert says that, sex differs according to quality in different stages in a relationship. Couples first experience a lot of passion to each other, then urgency to reproductive sex and later lower intimacy of midlife. This wise expert believes that, it is possible to maintain an enjoyable sex-life for many years with one partner. This may not be very often but both partners should relax and have fun of unique kind together.

Partners should accept the fact that, their other partner is fallible- according to him, expecting your partner to be perfect can be a disaster in a relationship. Everyone makes mistakes specially those people we are in love with, as relationships are hard sometimes to maintain. Alex petty insists that partners should practice forgiveness in all dimensions at the beginning of love affair as this will build strong foundation.

With such resourceful information, it is highly advisable for couples to seek relation advice and other sexual matters from Alex petty. It is the ultimate solution to a better stay in marriage.

How To Make My Dick Bigger?

How do I make my dick bigger? This question is a great concern for all men out there and it can become nightmare that causes stress. Having small dick greatly affects your sexual life and dampens your confidence as a man. Sometimes the size of your dick depends on the lifestyle habits like living a sedentary life. The positive thing is that you can easily make your dick bigger naturally by doing some few lifestyle adjustment that increase the blood circulation in the spongy tissues of your dick. This is because the size of your dick mostly depends on the blood circulation.

You should try to exercise regularly. Exercise will help improve the circulation of blood in the body and likewise in the spongy tissues of your dick. You should also remember that exercise will enable you to build muscles. This means you will have less body fat especially around your belly that makes you look like you have a small dick even if it is large.

If you are a smoker then you might want to quit smoking. This is because smoking does not allow easy flowing of blood in the body due to small particles that helps in partially blocking your blood arteries.

Try to avoid junk food as they contain lots of animal fats that will generally increase the cholesterol levels in your blood vessel. The cholesterol will reduce the diameter of your arteries by depositing in the inner surface thus reducing the amount of blood circulating in your body. This subsequently means that your dick will also not have good blood circulation as blood is required to fill the spongy tissues to increase it in length and girth.

Take enough vegetables and fruits in your diet in helping you making your dick bigger. The fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant compounds that help in eliminating free radicals your blood and strengthening the arteries.

Avoid anxiety and stress because it prevents flow of blood in your dick. You can do some relaxing activity like yoga to help you meditate. The relaxation effect will help you improve blood circulation in your dick and stimulate it naturally into enlarging.

Jerking-off your dick can also help increase the size. By stroking your dick severally enables the increased blood circulation in the spongy tissues and this is good in naturally enlarging the size of your dick.

You can use some medication to increase the size of your dick. Some penis pumps like creams, jelly, or pills are available in drug stores or online. Basically they increase the circulation of blood into the dick through the arteries thus increasing and making your dick bigger. But you should be careful by consulting a physician to avoid any side effects that come with using the drugs. And the pumps can also easily cause the arteries to be damaged.

Still there is no conclusive result that you can simply increase the size of your dick by undergoing a surgery. There are many complications and outcomes associated with surgical procedures and it is advisable that you are aware with all the dangers involved.

Alex and His Women

To make a girl cum can at times be challenging. Sometimes a lot has to be done to get to this but at times very little need to be done. However the best way for to make a girl cum or have an orgasm can be best done by stimulating erotic body parts and following clear guidelines of the same. For some girls to cum it does not necessarily require actual penetration of penis into vagina. The following are however some of the procedures need to be observed.

Right conditions

Although girls vary, quite a number needs the following conditions if they are to come.

· Atmosphere must be romantic. This involves the general set up of where the girl is to be stimulated to come or get an orgasm. The environment must be clean and tidy with no foul smell. A little artificial scent can work magic as girls are known to like nice smelling cologne and perfume. This will no doubt excite her.

· The surrounding must also be comfortable and pleasant. Regardless of where the girl is to be stimulated, Alex can do well by making the environment comfortable. For instance, if the girl is to be stimulated on the beech then the sand must be soft enough to make her comfortable. Also a girl can easily come if stimulation is done in a secluded place.

· Make the girl to like you. Girls are different from boys. This is because they can come quite easily if stimulated by the person they like. For Alex he should buy presents, be humorous, take her out, be a good listener and do more to draw her closer. This in addition will make her feel appreciated and wanted. When the final time comes she will no doubt come.

· Use lubricants. If it is clitoris which is being stimulated, sores can result as result of excess stimulation. This can make a girl not to come. This irritation can be avoided by use of good natural lubricant.

Take time with the entire process

The girl also needs to be mentally prepared before stimulation and more clitoris. This process includes doing the following among other things.

· Being patient and avoiding being too demanding. Patience is vital to sexual intercourse. Things need not to be rushed as this will leave a girl far a way from getting orgasm. 
· Start by curdling and kissing her passionately in a romantic environment. Do not even be in a rush to touch her private parts. If this is done with care she might as well come even before sexual intercourse. Be gentle while doing this as the girl will guide you of what to do next.

· Should the next step involve actual intercourse be gentle and let the girl continue directing you. You will be shocked at how fast she will come.

Be an expert in clitoris stimulation

Many men believe that girls can only come through sexual stimulation of the clitoris. This may be true in some cases but not all. This is because sexual intercourse alone is not enough. Other suggested ways of clitoris stimulation besides sexual intercourse includes.

· Employ further stimulation of clitoris by finger or mouth.

· Talk to the girl and ask her what exactly turn her on. Alex you will be shocked at how far you were fro the reality. Do not try to force techniques that do not work.

· Seek the use of a sex toy. Vibrators can be handy and trendy in faster clitoris stimulation.
The above discussed processes are some of the most important steps on how to make a girl reach an orgasm and cum.

Stud 100 Reviewed: A Safe and Effective Product

Do not worry anymore if you are one of the thousands of men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Help is now available with the production of Stud 100. When you search online, you’ll find stud 100 reviewed often which means that it is currently getting the attention of many. It helps by making men become less sensitive so ejaculation does not happen early. With this, you now have the chance to enjoy more the sexual experience. Since quick ejaculation is not anymore a concern, it frees men from all the worries and could now concentrate of satisfying their partner. Even though you perform in good speed, there is no worry of having to ejaculate early. The product has been in the market for over 20 years now which proves its effectiveness.

The main ingredient in this product that makes it effective is Licodaine. It is a popular anesthetic which desensitizes the penis during the intercourse. It works fast. You simply need to apply it ten minutes before having sex and you’re good to go. Since it is a spray product, using it is never a problem. Plus, you also have better control on the dosage which is based on the number of spray. Men who had used the product were found to have better confidence and strength. It is clinically proven to be effective and safe. Using the product does not need any medical consultation so you could easily buy one anytime.

Today, the product is one of the leading desensitizing sprays in the market. It is due to the growing positive response of men who tried it. For a long time, men are getting frustrated with products in the market that promises results only to find out that it fails in the end. Good thing stud 100 is different. It is definitely the product for premature ejaculation. It could help men satisfy their women and lead them to their orgasm. A lot of relationships were saved by this product for it could lead to satisfaction of both parties.

It is very easy to use. Just make sure that you follow the instructions found on the label of the product. Also, it’s ideal to read more on Stud 100 reviewedonline before giving it a try. With this, you will know the experiences of others which could also increase the chance that you will see good results in using it. You are definitely safe in using this product so give it a try now.

Promescent Reviewed: Why You Could Trust the Product

It is a fact that a lot of men today have premature ejaculation issues. This condition is regarded as the failure of men to control their ejaculation. PE problem is now one of the most common sexual issues on men. This may not affect the overall health of men, but it has a great effect on a relationship. If a woman is not satisfied in bed, it is definitely a big problem. Men show their masculinity in bed and if you fail to do so, it might have negative effects. There are now a lot of relationships which ended due to the failure the failure of men in satisfying her lady in bed. This is not only the problem, it could also have a negative effect on men mentality and emotionally. Good thing there are now products to help men deal with such problem like Promescent. You would most likely see Promescent reviewed online since many are using it right now and majority experience positive results.

You will not have any issues with using the product for it is FDA approved. This should be the most important factor to consider in finding a product to use for dealing with sexual issues. The approval of a health authority is a sign that the product is safe to use and it would be effective on most men. There is no such thing as 100% guarantee that it would work for everything still depends on how the body reacts to the ingredients in the product.

The Promescent contains anti-depressants in order to slow down the response of men on the sexual experience. If ejaculatory response is not controlled, it would certainly lead to early ejaculation. Good thing it is now possible for men to control this with the aid of this product. Though this could be learned naturally without relying on certain ingredients, doing it would take a lot of time and is not a good idea if you wanted to experience fast results.

The product is very easy to use so one will not have any problem in applying it. All you need to is to spray the product into the penis. With regards to the dosage, start low. It is not a good idea to start with 4 or more sprays for you do not know how it would react to you. The reaction would greatly depend on the severity or condition. Start with about 2-3 spray and gradually increase as needed.

On the different Promescent reviewed online, many had a wonderful experience. This is why it’s a good product to try.

How Men Can Last Longer In Bed

Many men have this idea that to make love with a woman is all about great orgasms, but reaching climax is only part of the fun. Both partners should enjoy every minute of lovemaking no matter whether they are in bed for the first time or in a long term relationship. It is a fact that women need longer time to orgasm than men. If you are a man then you know how devastating it may be when you orgasm shortly before or after penetration leaving your partner dissatisfied with the whole experience. A woman does not need to say anything. You will see it in her eyes, the pitty and disappointment which is something no man should ever experience in bed. When men are young the whole problem of premature ejaculation is a bit less dramatic as they can get an erection fast again, but as they age men find the problem with PE getting more serious. If not treated, premature ejaculation can ruin your marriage and relationship, leaving you depressed or make you completely avoid any contact with women for fear of failing to satisfy them sexually.

What You Can Do To Last Longer

A great percentage of men have learnt they must last in bed for hours if they are to be called men. This myth is the first thing you need to forget about as not many women dream of making love for two days straight. What you need is the feeling of happiness both for you and your girlfriend. How are you to achieve this when you only last for one minute?

>Control your breathing – when you are aroused your breathing is fast and shallow sending signals to your body to climax. If you try to slow the breathing this will relax your body and you will be able to focus on your partner while at the same time you will control your urge to ejaculate.

>Exercise – there are muscles in your body responsible for ejaculation. If you exercise them, your PC muscles in particular, you will learn to recognize what happens in your body when you are aroused, feel those muscle, relax them and stop before the point of no return.

>Change the technique – some positions make you ejaculate faster while others help you last longer in bed. When you feel like ejaculating quickly change the position with the woman on top as this is said to give men some time to relax. You have to try different positions in order to find the one that works for you.

>Foreplay – men tend to rush into sexual intercourse so they spend little time on foreplay then penetrate and ejaculate. To stop this bad habit, try to focus on your partner more, giving her the best foreplay she has ever had. The longer time you spend on foreplay the more aroused she will be and you can expect her to have an orgasm before you. To become a better lover and last longer in bed you need to know lovemaking is not a competition, it is a fine art.

Watch the following video for more tips on how to last longer in bed and be able to satisfy your partner:

Using Ejaculation Guru to Eliminate Premature Ejaculation for Good

You don’t have to feel hopeless when you experience premature ejaculation. It is something that could be treated with proper knowledge and technique. Today, the best premature ejaculation treatment is Ejaculation Guru. If you have not heard about this product yet, now is the right time to do your research. Though you have heard a lot of good stuff about the product, it is still best to do your own personal inquiry.

Knowing the Product Better

The Ejaculation Guru is actually an eBook which contains all the information you need when it comes to lasting longer in bed. So far, it had saved a lot of relationships for it’s a big problem when a man fails to satisfy his partner in bed. The techniques provided in the product could help men last for more than 20 minutes or more during sex. A lot of men could only last for about 3-5 minutes. This is worst for a man with ejaculation issues. If you are among the many who are looking for ways to do better in bed, this product is certainly the best option.

Make your Partner Orgasm

Since you are able to last longer in bed, it increases the chance that she would have her orgasm before you ejaculate. This is certainly what most men wanted to experience. With the different methods provided in the product, this could be achieved in time. All you need to do is to be diligent in following the exercises presented in the product. It also contains information on various methods that you could immediately apply the next time you have sex. This could effectively boost your confidence since you know that it’s possible to last longer.

Better Thrusting Strategy

The product introduces a better thrusting strategy that could help you prevent early ejaculation. The good thing about this strategy is you are still able to give her a pleasurable time without being stimulated that much to the point of ejaculating. The techniques are so effective that your girl will not realize that you are doing something that prevents you from ejaculating quickly.

Breathing Techniques

The product would also teach readers with breathing techniques. This helps lessen the excitement men feel during sexual intercourse. This is a big help to boost sexual stamina of men.

For you to know if the best premature ejaculation treatment is Ejaculation Guru, do a thorough research online. Before tying any product including Ejaculation Guru it is best to know more about it first.